This is something that has been on my mind for the past few days. I've read it in a book and this biblical principle is really bugging me. I know that there is something that I need to give up but it's not easy doing so since it has been part of my life for so long. Normally when God asks you to give up something, that thing is normally useless and not good for you. And I have weighed this thing that God wants me to give up. It is totally useless. It doesn't affect my life in a negative way if I give it up. But it will only bring me good.

In my writings you will realise that I do not reveal everything because I know that a lot of people are reading this. But i wanted to share with you guys what I learn from Jesus as I walk with Him daily. All of us have something that we need to give up at every point in our life. If there was nothing to give up, we would be perfect. But because we're not, we still have something to give up.

Some of the things that we need to give up includes our wrong thinking, wrong believe, sinful acts, selfish desires, time and even our comfort zone. In every season of your life, God will ask you to give up something that you able to give up at that point of time. Trust Him. He knows our ability to give up something. He wouldn't ask you to do so if you couldn't. And it is our response to His call to give up the things He want us to which will determine whether we go 'up' or we stay the same. Someone once said this, "If you continue to do the same thing you did before, you will end up having the same results as before."

I'll end with this. This phrase was the thing that ultimately made me decide to give up that certain thing that God wanted me to give up. "If you have to give it up sooner or later, why later?" I pray that God will help me and enable me to give it up once and for all. Give up, to go up.


so much for our happy hours hahaha =p

i hope god will guide and bless you then =]

good luck bro