I just realized something...no one reads my blog! Even after I started posting more often! Someone commented that my posts are too long. Oh well, i guess people are more willing to read about people's daily life rather than reading stuff that has relation to God's word.

Since that's the case, I might as well blog about my daily life and then put a bit of biblical principles on it. Or perhaps put videos of short messages on my blog. Whichever it is, I hope this blog will continue to impact others if not, I'm planning to stop blogging. Ciaoz.


Sweat.. Don't ever stop blogging! I think most people still got read but lazy to comment, like me... =.=

maybe you should put a visitor's counter on your blog so that you'll know how many people visited your blog, because sometimes people don't comment after they read and maybe because they didn't write anything to you, you think nobody reads it. just a suggestion....

I have a counter!! last week 0 visits...zzz

ur counter maybe cacat? hmm.. get nuffnang la.. that wan is more accurate. shows unique visitors also..

P.S: Last week, I got visit also... so means ur counter got prob.. if we din visit, why are we even commenting here? lol

Wah.. if your post considered long... then mine how~ GG~

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