as said before i planned to actually update my blog on a daily basis... then something come up hen from there i didnt update already....will do so more often starting from today/tomorrow....see ya

Sorry sorry my mistake....After I changed the blog template my counter gone...thats why always show zero visitors haha... Thanx for continual support!!! bye!!!

I just realized one reads my blog! Even after I started posting more often! Someone commented that my posts are too long. Oh well, i guess people are more willing to read about people's daily life rather than reading stuff that has relation to God's word.

Since that's the case, I might as well blog about my daily life and then put a bit of biblical principles on it. Or perhaps put videos of short messages on my blog. Whichever it is, I hope this blog will continue to impact others if not, I'm planning to stop blogging. Ciaoz.

About me

I am just a normal human being with an extraordinary Saviour, who has an extraordinary plan for me.