I've decided to write about my daily readings of the bible in this blog. I wanted to try writing a journal but i guess i'll just start with writing it on my blog.

I just started reading my bible again seriously after a period of dryness. Was discouraged about certain things but as usual God is good and He helped me by providing friends and leaders that were available to help me and encourage me.

There was something that Uncle Don (my mentor) said when i was having breakfast with him last Friday. i told him that i was discouraged and wanted to go somewhere far away to pray and seek Him again. Then he said something interesting. He talked about spiritual survival skills. Here is how it sounded like.

"When you are hungry, and haven't eaten in weeks, you don't hope and wait for good food to come your way. You eat whatever you have."

That is so true. After a period of dryness, I know actually what he was trying to say. I should just read the bible. I should just 'eat'. I might not feel that the food is as good as set C in Chang Jiang (:Þ *drools*), but i still gotta eat. So i started eating again. When I read, i didn't feel like some special feeling or something like that but i know that God is feeding me with His Word.

Joy told me that last time I told her that no matter how we feel, we should continue to read the bible and have a habit of reading it. And she did exactly that. According to her she read the bible everyday and developed that habit. We all need that. We won't go to hell if we don't. But I sure want to fall so in love with Him that I will do it. I want to love God enough to be commited to read His word everyday.

For those who are feeling dry, who feels that they have drifted far away from God, just 'eat'. Don't wait for that special experience or feeling. Continue to feed on the Word of God. Trust Him that He is there all the time and no matter how we feel, He's always and I mean ALWAYS good.

We all need food to survive. And the Word of God is more important than food. If you don't continue to have it, you will die spiritually.

Jesus answered, "It is written: 'Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.' (Matthew 4:4)

Just eat it.